Finnish studies at Kylänlahti

Finnish studies

Lieksa Christian Institute has offered Finnish studies for more than thirty years. Over the years, the institute has developed its own educational model and educational materials. The efficiency of our educational model has also been proven by the excellent learning results of our students. There is one simple rule that guarantees the quality of our teaching: every single student who graduates is worth the grade given to him or her.


· Level test and placing the student in the appropriate group.

· Well-suited individual path for learning with flexibility along the way.

· Online and classroom-based lessons

· Day and evening classes

· Different courses for various levels

· Literacy training and continuous teacher development with teaching materials and methods created through practical work

· Looking ahead and setting targets: acquiring language skills opens doors for further studies and finding employment

· Multicultural environment

· Get to know other people as individuals and respect them

· We invest in student welfare

· Our students feel that they matter.

· Community spirit: everyone carries responsibility for themselves and the community. You can’t just take, you have to give too.




Are you interested in great results in language learning? Contact us:

Merja Vartiainen
tel. +358 40 358 0433