Finnish studies

Lieksa Christian Institute is one of the few colleges in Finland that has offered Finnish studies for more than twenty years, as well as developed basic studies for non-native speaking adults with a non-Finnish cultural background. Over the years, the institute has developed its own educational model, and the materials developed for it have received great recognition in professional circles. The efficiency of our educational model has also been proven by the excellent learning results of our students.

There is one simple rule that guarantees the quality of our teaching: every single student who graduates is worth the grade given to him or her. When this piece of advice is reflected against the idea that learning is for life and making continuous progress and against the responsibility to make sure that the results of this learning match the grade, it’s easy to make the right decisions right at the beginning about which level of studies is best for the student.

The foundation of our educational model:

  • Matching the student’s actual skill level: a thorough baseline assessment of skills and placing the student in the appropriate group. This baseline assessment is performed according to our special concept.
  • Well-suited individual path for learning, flexibility along the way. A concrete example of this is a student whose compulsory education was almost finished when they moved to Finland. When this young person arrived, they were semi-illiterate and unable to write. In three years, alongside studying Finnish, this young person achieved the basic education certificate.
  • LuKi literacy training and its continuous development: the teaching materials and methods created through practical work
  • Looking ahead and setting targets: acquiring language skills opens doors for further studies and finding employment
  • Multicultural environment, including teachers. Our principle is: get to know the other person and respect them as an individual, not through something that may define their circumstances.


We offer comprehensive guidance:

  • We invest in student welfare services: we have our own social worker, guidance counsellor and health care services. Our students feel that they matter. Comprehensive support for students pays for itself in society.
  • Community spirit: everyone carries responsibility for themselves and the community. You can’t just take, you have to give too.
  • Teacher and staff training: teaching methods and a solution-focused operations model




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Tomi Martikainen
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