More info and application

Lieksa Christian Institute’s studies in the Finnish language and culture are mainly targeted at immigrants who want to integrate and become a part of Finnish society and life. That is why our curriculum is based on the National Core Curriculum for Integration Training for Adult Migrants (OPH 2012:1), which has been validated by the Finnish National Board Of Education. In teaching reading and writing, we also follow the National Core Curriculum for Literacy Training for Adult Migrants (OPH 2012:2). As well as immigrants, the training is also suitable for foreigners interested in Finland, Finnish and Finnish culture.

Integration training usually lasts 1–3 years and the student develops within the group or sometimes may change to a different level and group, according to their personal goals.


At the beginning and end of the academic year, students take a language level test according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The group in which a student studies depends on their language skill level.

After completing a study programme in Finnish language and culture, students can apply to various institutions for further study, such as basic adult education, a vocational college, upper secondary school or university, depending on their basic training.


Weekly price of the studying is 65 € / week (including teaching, materials and daily lunch during week days) or 75 € / week (including teaching, materials, accommodation, daily lunch from Monday to Friday and daily dinner from Monday to Thursday). If you want to stay during weekends, the accommodation is 5 € / weekend.


Applications are accepted until the 31st of May.